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Trust & Reliability

At Wyndy, we know trust is important! That is why we have created a platform for parents and sitters to connect. All sitters are background checked and from local four-year universities.

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Wyndy makes it easy to get a sitter for a night out, a day off, or a last minute change in plans!


Browse hundreds of background-checked college babysitters in your neighborhood


Post your job and get connected with a sitter in less than 3 minutes


Pick your rate and pay your Wyndy sitter directly through the app

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All sitters pass an extensive background check, interview, and vetting process by the Wyndy Sitter Acceptance Team


Use our Parent Connections feature to see which trusted sitters your friends are using


Browse 5-star sitters from trusted top-tier universities in your neighborhood


Post your job, set your own rate and pay sitters directly through the app

Nashville, TN

Simply Amazing

"Our son was upset about us leaving and our Wyndy sitter was amazing. We cannot say enough good things. We are throughly impressed!" 

Lucy Carrington

Birmingham, AL

Game Changer

"Lexi got my clingy baby back to sleep! We snuck out after we put everyone to bed and, of course, the little one woke up as soon as we ordered at a restaurant. Ladies, even my in-laws and parents struggle to do this. I was so impressed! Will definitely book Lexi again!" 

Elizabeth Willson

About Wyndy

My husband, Tommy and I created Wyndy to solve the problems we, as parents, faced when looking for trustworthy and reliable sitters for our two young children. We met at Vanderbilt University and moved to Birmingham after Tommy graduated from law school at the University of Virginia. When our second daughter was born, Tommy was practicing law at a large firm and I was completing my master’s degree at night. Our already hectic lives were further complicated by difficulties finding responsible sitters for our two girls.  

Back then, we did what many parents still do: we’d meet a handful of sitters (mostly college students) through offline relationships, text them all when we needed a sitter, and then stop by the ATM late at night or search for the checkbook in order to pay them.  

We wondered--in a world where mobile apps make catching a ride or having groceries delivered insanely simple, why wasn’t there an app that could make getting a trusted babysitter just as easy? Well, now there is.  

Wyndy is a platform that uniquely combines trust and technology, enabling parents to quickly and easily connect with background-checked, full-time college students in a way that benefits everyone. We are excited to share the magic of Wyndy.  

-Ginger Mayfield, Co-Founder of Wyndy

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